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SPO is an independent lubricant brand, developed and developed by PSP VIETNAM EXIMCO - SINGAPORE Pte Ltd, a company specialized in oil and grease, industrial and marine chemicals.
Energy is paramount to everyday life, and it helps us produce technology-related products that directly relate to machinery, fuel and energy transportation across the region. In the coming years, more people will have access to energy and enjoy higher living standards. However, this development may put greater pressure on our world's resources, such as fresh water, energy, and food. At the same time, climate change is still a serious concern.

Over the years, consumers are having a hard time choosing the right lubricant for the quality of the manufacturer's commitment. That leads to the belief in this type of product to the general market. Southern Petro is chosen by PSP as a strategic production partner to join us in bringing our customers with high quality grease and oil products that meet the international standards and prices are competitive. With the existing brands in the Vietnamese market.
Equipped with modern equipment, skilled workers are trained professionally from the leading regular universities in Vietnam. Raw materials are selected from well-known manufacturers such as Shell, Caltex, GS, Cosmo ..., Lab system with modern equipment to meet the demand of quality control of input products and The output of the plant's production system is ISO 9001: 2008.
Our SPO lubricants use human intellectual ingenuity, technological innovation to unlock the potential energy we need for their lives in the years to come, while limiting the impact. Our environment. So we especially emphasize on green products, meeting environmental conditions especially marine life.
Our SPO lubricants use industry-leading technology to market quality lubricants to meet the challenges of consumers. Our wide range of products includes a wide range of synthetic lubricants, products that provide better protection and long term performance of the engine system. Finding our top technology products can help increase consumer activity.
The core values ​​that we build and develop are "BEST QUALITY, THE HIGHEST EFFECTIVE EFFECT FOR USERS". With the right investments, our SPO and South Africa Petro are always confident to bring to people. Consumption of high quality and stable products. We are also very honored to cooperate with you.